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Paros Island

Paros is situated in the center of the Cycladic Islands and is very famous for its golden sandy beaches, its crystal clear waters, the quality of services and its nightlife.

Nevertheless, these are not the only elements that make Paros special. The island’s strong cultural heritage, the secret beaches and the authentic local delicacies are some of the elements that make even the most demanding traveler return to Paros again and again.

The island was named after the leader of the ancient Arcadians, “Paros”, whilst during ancient times the island was one the most important centers of Cycladic civilization. The island was also known for its marble!

Today, Paros is an island of 186 sq. klm, one of the biggest and most fertile of the Cycladic islands. The capital and port is named Parikia, which one of the most important spots of the island. Top attraction of Parikia is Panagia Ekatontapiliani, a church among the most important old Christian spots of the Hellenic area. In the west side of Paros, just 2.5 klm from Parikia, you will find the beach of Parasporos.

Naoussa is your next important stop on the island! You must not miss the unique view from the Koimisi Theotokou temple, the well known Kolimpithres beach (huge rocks that have been eroded by nature forming strange shapes) and the little island of Analipsi. Finally, you surely have to visit some of the beautiful villages and beaches of the island.

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