Mediterranean-flavoured food

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Avli Restaurant

Welcome to “Avli”, a traditionally homey yet modern-day elegant restaurant that represents the joys of simple culinary pleasures with a twist. Here you will get to taste the best of the Mediterranean as you dive into one mouth-watering dish after another. Authentically Parian, its island-chic ambiance with minimalist, Cycladic design also boasts stunning views over the sea, something that makes any meal all the more sensational.

Set against a backdrop of the earthy colours of sand, olive trees and sky the “Avli”, which is the Greek word for yard, will ensure moments of pleasure that you won’t soon forget.

Avli Restaurant is open from 19.30 till 23.30.

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In view of the upcoming spring, there is no better time to share with you the renewal of our hotel. A completely new hotel concept under the ‘Minois Sugarcube Suites’ brand name, aspires to embrace the philosophy and brand culture of its new management & operating company, and promises to offer unique experiences inspired by the ‘sweet’ Cycladic life!
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